"Do what your heart feel to, That's what I do"
Name: Putri Nasuha Binti Jamil
Nickname: Capries Ryn
Birthday: 26 March 1996
Zodiac: Aries
Hometown: Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A Hijab Cosplayer from Malaysia starting on December 2012. Best part to be a cosplayer for me is brings a lot of smile to other people when they can guess what am I cosplay and start a conversation from it. Seeing children happy is also one of them.

Another more, sewing own costume will make us gain new knowledge. I found my self enjoyed studies new pattern and technique from each costume.

Making video can be a memories on the other times. This is why I start to be a youtuber. Other then that, my youtube channel starting growth when collage mate start to support me. They visit my youtube channel while in a lab.

Enjoy what you love to do. Don't make other as a reason to stop you.


1. Futured on KREKO MAGAZINE
2. Ainori - Japanese Television Program
3. Interview TV9 “Hijab Cosplay”
4. Coming Soon

1. Finalist EzBeli
2. Champion ACE (2017)
3. Coming Soon

1. AniFest x Jom Mini (Judges)
2. Coming Soon

Entry Competition
1. Competition Coswalk “Anifest” (2016)
2. Skit VBG Anime Fiesta (2016)
3. Skit Cosmart (2016)
4. Dance Competition MGACE (2016)
5. Coswalk Cosplay Festival (2017)
6. Skit ACE (2017)
7. Competition Coswalk “History Con” (2017)
8. Cosplay Competition "Kulim Collector Hobbies Fest." (2018)
9. TAGCC Skit Competition 2019

Online Competition
1. Ezbeli
2. Cosplay Corner
3. Cosplay Corner 
4. Cosplay Corner 4

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