Into studio as Jessie Toy Story

*Make Noise*
Heyy everybody! Whats up? How yours Ramadhan? Great?
Here I am throwing back what happen on my last Saturday.

Me and my friends go to Bussiness Center for Shoot and Interview for TV9 (SIS) & TV3 (Jom Singgah) Hari Raya's wishes.

I came as Jessie from Toy Story. I was sew the cosplay about less then a week. I am save to finally finish it up before the day! But, Unfortunately, I can't find a perfect boot for her, which is choco boot and also choco belt. I decide to wear what do I have. hehehe.. 

But heyy!! It was a enjoyable moment! I wish I can join for another time again~ Or feel free to invite me !!! HAHAHAHA So, here some picture from that day!

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