Japan Television Program - Ainori

Hello Reader! On 8 August 2017 ... (yeah its a throwback) I and other Hijab Cosplay Gallery members was interviewed by En.Zala and Ooshima-san from Japan television program, Ainori.

Ainori was a reality TV show aired on Netflix. So, we need to be dressed as hijab cosplayer. I choose as Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura on that day, together with 10 members dress up as a chosen characters. It was one of the best memories being as Hijab Cosplayer's life. 

So during the shooting rolling , 3 of us were chosen by the Ainori participant to try out our costume in hijab.
 She wearing my Sakura Kinomoto costume.
 She wearing Nada's costume. Hatsune Miku.
 She wearing Nuzaru's costume. Gumi.

That it! its a wrap!!! So here are the picture of all members which is participate on this Ainori shooting. 
 Photo taken by Ooshima-san
Photo taken by Ooshima-san.

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