"Do what your heart feel to, That's what I do"
Name: Putri Nasuha Binti Jamil
Nickname: Capries Ryn
Birthday: 26 March 1996
Zodiac: Aries
Hometown: Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor, Malaysia.

A Hijab Cosplayer from Malaysia starting on December 2012. Best part to be a cosplayer for me is brings a lot of smile to other people when they can guess what am I cosplay and start a conversation from it. Seeing children happy is also one of them.

Another more, sewing own costume will make us gain new knowledge. I found my self enjoyed studies new pattern and technique from each costume.

Making video can be a memories on the other times. This is why I start to be a youtuber. Other then that, my youtube channel starting growth when collage mate start to support me. They visit my youtube channel while in a lab.

Enjoy what you love to do. Don't make other as a reason to stop you.


1.  Futured on KREKO MAGAZINE
2. Coming Soon
3. Coming Soon

1. Finalize EZBELI 
2. Coming Soon