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Comic Fiesta 2016 held on PWTC which is near to my house !! If compared to KLCC and The Mines ofcourse! And it's easier for me! Together with my schoolmates Aslina, Zul and Syafiq. Meet Nik my facebook friend at Rawang station.

The best part of Day1 of Comic Fiesta is to meet Mechii and Vie *scream* ! They was my best facebook friends! Love they art soooooo much! We talk just like no full stop in the ends of our sentences. Hehehe..

On day 2, with a year of planning.. here The Powerpuff Girls! Izumi as Bubble and together with Daisy as Buttercup. Oh! free ticket for us too!! Thanks to a family of stranger .. huhu

Please don't change the Comic Fiesta location on 2017. 

The End

Comic Fiesta 2016

21 December 2016
 This is a very late news. I am sorry.. here we go. On issue (29) 11 October 2016, I appeared on Kreko magazine !! Yahoo hurrey!

Its on Cosplay@Kreko corner ! I am sorry to posting this late. But no worries, you still can find it at next year book fair or you can direct order the any previous issue from Kreko by subscribe their magazine. Yeyy!!

Am I happy? Yes ! Of course I am ! Here some Thank You video to Kreko. 

Ryn on Kreko magazine

08 December 2016
Hey It's Cosplay again. Hehehe.
Well, shall we throwback from MGACE event which is held on 15 & 16 October 2016.

 Photo by Saakira Photography

I manage to join D'Ace Competition with Izumi Cosplayer. Me as SeeU Hanbok Vocaloid, while she as Kasane Teto Utaloid.
Here a full video of our performance by æ¥“Cosplay Productions

  Photo by Saakira Photography

Had a fun experience dancing in front lots of people. Hehehe...
Well see ya peeps soon!

 Photo by Saakira Photography

SeeU Hanbok

25 November 2016
 Yeayy!! All buzy stuff will be ended! 11 November I will end my industry training!! Banzai!
Here something I want to tell you guys!
Last weekend there is some event called as Cosmart, held on Sunway Putra!
Day 1 I am going as Sakura Haruno! and I met Zahin and Izzat which as Sasuke and Naruto.. !! Really love it <3
 Some HCG girls are here too!!
Photo by: Miyarin

Awesome Zen! on day 2 !! I just got your messagie~ ngee!!

 The great cos grouping Mystic Messanger! Thanks a lot Yuki, Danny, Ariffah, Von, Nea, Zahin, Nuzaru, Aya and other!! You guys really rock!
Photo by: Danny
 This is so enjoyable moments!
Photo by: Danny
Hopping to do good stuff like this again!

 A VIP Card from Danny to MM group! Thanks!! I love it! and Yoosung key-chain I manage to buy on Cosmart Day2!
Oh! and I also enter competition with Nuzaru !!

Cosmart 2016

02 November 2016
Hiyaarhh!! I'm back !
Last weekend on 1 October 2016, there was an event called Dattebayo at Help University.
My friend Musz cosplaying as Naruto from Naruto Shipudden and Izz as sasuke from Naruto. I as always as Sakura Haruno.

Even tho, is not a perfect team. We glad its turn out well, with Hijab Sakura Haruno and Genderband Hjab Naruto Uzumaki.

Next, we decide to take a peek to other event called Japan Culture Festival.
And we found .... OUR KAKASHI SENSEI!!

We had so much happy times with Kakashi and his friends. Thank you sensei !


04 October 2016
Judy Hopps here! Hehehe..
My recently cosplay was Judy Hopps. Its was last minute sewing. 
But thanks to Saakira Photography for a very nice picture :D 

 What's that?
#hijabcosplayer #judyhoppshijab

 It's actually your words against yours!
#Judyhopps #Zootopia

It's called the hassle sweet heart !! 

Judy Hopps Hijab Version

16 August 2016
Hi everyone, Im back ! 
On 28 May 2016 it was my first time going to Johor Bharu's event. Its was Otaku Sever gathering. Finally I meet my Facebook friends and also a cosplayer and making a new friends !

I was cosplaying as Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura. Well yeah, in Hijab. 
Thans for Danish and Fyra for a beautiful picture :D


You can also see short video about this trip at Click Here.
So thanks for reading :D

Otaku Server Gathering

07 June 2016

Hello hello hello!! Pada 29 March 2016 Ryn ambil Sijil Dekan lagi. hahahaha. Well pointer Ryn turun berbanding sem lepas. Kalau dulu 3.83 sekarang 3.60. Urghhh!!

Walau bagaimanapun, life must go on! I still regret sem 1 tak dapat dekan! its my own fault too! Btw, rezeki masing-masing. I was hoping for continue to study in oversea. Hoping for sponsor. HAHAHAHAHA. 

Well wish me luck for next sem5! I finally practical ! Good-bye Batu Pahat, see you in another sem! for sem6 !!

Majlis Dekan Kali Ke2

31 March 2016

Budget Calculate:

On 4 February 2015 from Batu Pahat, Me with my friends Aniqah and Syuhadah started our trip by bus. It cost RM71.00 for an adult.
Next day, we started our first vacation trip to Penang Hill. Entrance fee do cost RM10.00 (Adult) But, If you are student I suggesting to bring your Student Card. Just like me, It will be RM5.00
 (Train's view at Penang Hill)

WonderFood coming up, again with Student Card you will get a discount. Normal price is RM10.00 (Adult) and I get RM5.00 (Student price).

Other things that I spend of:
2 Cloths: RM39.90 + RM25.00
Stocking: RM19.90
Secret Recipe: RM20.60
Pak Ali's Jeruk Madu: RM18.60
Shuttle Bus: RM2.00
Merchandise: RM15.00
Food: RM14.00 + RM25.00 + RM28.00

TOTAL: RM208.00 + RM81.00 = RM293.00

So please, don't be like me. At first, I am targeting to not going to the mall, hoping to not to buying merchandise and cloths blablabla...
But destination change! All my plan ruin. Hahahahaha!! 
But, its ok! Because food and entrance fee to WonderFood & Penang Hill supported by Syuhadah's Family. Thank you very much. May Allah bless you.

BigStep: Penang Hill

08 February 2016

stop goes insane Ryn! and all those CAPSLOCK.. 

Well, here is another story about a young girl life name Ryn. Hahaha.. No jokes, I feels so much nervous for counting to be on this day! All this stuff keeps come on my nightmare!  

Starting from 7.30 a.m, I cycle to P.S.SAMY office as promised. Waiting for bus to come and pick me up to go to P.S.SAMY office at Kuala Kubu Bharu. Arrived there blablabla to short up the story, I start my JPJ test. Begins with RPK. I greets them with 90 degree bow. hahahaha.. That JPJ member saying "Wow macam Jepun" thats means I do it like a Japanese. Yeah you know when Japanese greets other with a big bow.

I GOT -4 MARKS FOR MY RSM TEST! arrghhh so irritating! Why do I not remember all those symbol! I got down. I feels want to crying. Some sister come cheers me up! Thanks.

All to track test! The most worried test has come! I never passed parking's section! with my -4 marks on RSM I be more worried! But hey! I passed all track's test with no bother me. Alhamdulillah. Eh! something do bother me from the beginning of the day! My teeth gum hurts back!

My First Achievement on 2016

18 January 2016

Hi Bestfriend! Its near to the end of my Semester's break! Here I wan to tell you all about 'What's going on to my Semester Break 2015. Its kinda throwback stuff here.. hehehe..
My Semester break start on 05 of November until 14 January 2016. Here I am not telling all things that I do on my Semester Break, because it will take a lots of time.

On 19 & 20 December 2015
Its Comic Fiesta 2015 that held in new place! Its on The Mines! You can watch my video on my Youtube Channel.

On this entry, I basically want to write about 'Perahu Layar Beach Resort'.

On 23 to 28 December 2015
We are going to Melaka ! ehh!! Actually, Paklong take Me and My Family on 23th. We sleepover on their house for one day!

On the next  days, 24 December we are going to Melaka finally! But! The day that we suppose to Check in was 26 December! So we spending two more night at My Maklong's village as planned. We are having Satay on that night.. Yummy!

26 December on the Morning! We start our trip to our destiny! Day by day passed.. Here some activity that we did on our trip!

We had a very wonderful vacation ! Thank you =) 

Perahu Layar Beach Resort

14 January 2016

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