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I am really satisfied this photo shoot session. It's the best because its located near to my rent house. Also chill and relax. 
Also... it's my first time time wearing lens! So it's come out great!
Photographer: Bie Mohd

This time I cosplay as Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura. 20th Illustration book. Well of course, all attend as Cardcaptor Sakura's character.
Photographer: Bie Mohd

Photographer: Bie Mohd

Photographer: Bie Mohd

Cardcaptor Sakura 20th Illustration Book

13 November 2018
Hello! I'm gladly to told that Kulim Collector Hobbies Fest was my first north's event that I'm attended.
Here is my stories due this event.
Image may contain: Putri Nasuha, smiling
For this day, I cosplayed as Sakura Haruno from Naruto. I chooses this cosplay because its easy to walk around since this is my first time attended this event, so I want to walk around easily without any problem. Also, this costume easy to pack up since the costume and props are not that much.
Image may contain: 3 people, including Putri Nasuha and Muhammad Farid, people standing
Also I met my friend, Miisa and Mina Ai Chan.
Image may contain: 4 people, including Mina Ai Chan and Putri Nasuha, people smiling, hat, selfie and closeup
On this day, I cosplayed as korean vocaloid SeeU. I joining the Cosplay Competition because why not ?
Another friends I met on day 2, Mai and Haruha Farisu.
Image may contain: 4 people, including Putri Nasuha and Mai Melancholia, people standing and closeup
Image may contain: 2 people, including Haruha Farisu, people smiling, people standing and closeup
Also a new friends! They cute little fella! Sooo smolllllll! 
Image may contain: 2 people, including Putri Nasuha, people standing and hat

Kulim Collector Hobbies Fest.

04 October 2018
Hello I'm Capries Ryn!
Today I'm back with my cosplay! It's SeeU korean vocaloid.
She is my favorite vocaloid.

Of course this is not a proper shoot. I made the backdrop also take a picture by myself. Hihihi.. 

However, I still love the outcome.
Hope to do proper shoot as SeeU.

Well see you again, dear reader :D

Hijab Cosplay SeeU

18 September 2018
I'm back up dating this blog with my new cosplay picture!
It is Pipimi from Pop Team Epic.
Please choose Beef or Chicken!
 Picture by Ayylmao Photography

We meet ! Aisyah cosplaying as Popuko. We tried to meet twice before Japan Otaku Matsuri but no chance. However, we finalley meet at Japan Otaku Matsuri 2018!
 Picture by Ayylmao Photography

Hope to see you again Aisyah! 
 Picture by Ayylmao Photography

Hijab Pipimi Cospaly

01 August 2018
Hello everyone! Its me again, Capries Ryn.
I'm glad i'm still alive and in a good health... how about you?
Today post as you can see at the tittle, Its my firstime casual cosplay photoshoot. Its also kinda Yolo plan.
I get ready for this starting 4.30p.m and end up shoot on 7.00p.m since Mr.Sun want to sleep.
 Thanks to my roommate, Nani for be my photographer. Manage to get some picture and I edited it 'cinematic' style. I am actually kinda like the outcome.
 So please enjoy by looking at it! Bye!

My first Casual Cosplay Photoshoot

18 May 2018

Shichimiya Satone's Photoshoot

Hello Reader! On 8 August 2017 ... (yeah its a throwback) I and other Hijab Cosplay Gallery members was interviewed by En.Zala and Ooshima-san from Japan television program, Ainori.

Ainori was a reality TV show aired on Netflix. So, we need to be dressed as hijab cosplayer. I choose as Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura on that day, together with 10 members dress up as a chosen characters. It was one of the best memories being as Hijab Cosplayer's life. 

So during the shooting rolling , 3 of us were chosen by the Ainori participant to try out our costume in hijab.
 She wearing my Sakura Kinomoto costume.
 She wearing Nada's costume. Hatsune Miku.
 She wearing Nuzaru's costume. Gumi.

That it! its a wrap!!! So here are the picture of all members which is participate on this Ainori shooting. 
 Photo taken by Ooshima-san
Photo taken by Ooshima-san.

Japan Television Program - Ainori

31 January 2018

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