Pucca and Garu cosplay in Comic Fiesta 2017

Hey!! It's Xmas !! Marry xmas to all who are celebrating it!
Shall we roll on today's entry?? It about Comic Fiesta 2017. This year Comic Fiesta are held on back at KLCC Convention Center. I only attend on day 2 because of work on day 1. 

This year was my brother first cosplay. I ask him to be my cosplay partner in crime .. hahahaha.. We decided to cosplay as Pucca and Garu! Wuhuu!! Yeyy!

 Together with my brother friends, Aqil and Afiq Daniel and also his sister Nurin. No trouble having them with me. Glad they enjoying the event so much.
 Oh look a little cosplayer of Rantaro from Ninja boy!! So cute!!! Really want to know who was him/her :D 
 I am hype for having this two coser !!! I really love their Harley Quinn!!! Really really love it!!
and this twin!!! Ahhh so cute!!! They are so friendly!! I hope to meet them again on other time!! 
That's all from me ! See ya on next entry!! Bye..

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