BigStep: Penang Hill

Budget Calculate:

On 4 February 2015 from Batu Pahat, Me with my friends Aniqah and Syuhadah started our trip by bus. It cost RM71.00 for an adult.
Next day, we started our first vacation trip to Penang Hill. Entrance fee do cost RM10.00 (Adult) But, If you are student I suggesting to bring your Student Card. Just like me, It will be RM5.00
 (Train's view at Penang Hill)

WonderFood coming up, again with Student Card you will get a discount. Normal price is RM10.00 (Adult) and I get RM5.00 (Student price).

Other things that I spend of:
2 Cloths: RM39.90 + RM25.00
Stocking: RM19.90
Secret Recipe: RM20.60
Pak Ali's Jeruk Madu: RM18.60
Shuttle Bus: RM2.00
Merchandise: RM15.00
Food: RM14.00 + RM25.00 + RM28.00

TOTAL: RM208.00 + RM81.00 = RM293.00

So please, don't be like me. At first, I am targeting to not going to the mall, hoping to not to buying merchandise and cloths blablabla...
But destination change! All my plan ruin. Hahahahaha!! 
But, its ok! Because food and entrance fee to WonderFood & Penang Hill supported by Syuhadah's Family. Thank you very much. May Allah bless you.

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