Weh! be joined Hari Sarong 2020 by @locco.my (more info) We decide to join on a very last minute which is a day before the event. Here a picture of us having Roti Canai as breakfast in Dato' Keramat for the first check point.
After that, we go to the nearest shop to buy anything from there to mark on our 2nd check point. I decide to buy a bottle of mineral water, 2 pack of cat's wet food and 2 pieces of candies. Then, we ahead to nearest bus stop for the 3rd check point and head up to KLCC.
Arrived on KLCC, we decided to take a picture our self with Malaysia flag and Menara KLCC because it was also one of the check point list.
We bumped one of friendly contestant. She ask for a picture and we ask for her too. This will marked directly as one of the check point too. hehehe
 After that, we stopped at Pasar Seni for boomerang with mural. End up we found SisiSeni Hotel which also one of the check point and enter the hotel for playing some traditional games and chills for a lil bit. The last, we taking a picture at Sultan Abd Samad building and my cat in Sarong which is also a check point. We also do a tiktok challenge, and some video for check point.
B1 in Sarong, and she likes it!

( 11 check point )

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