Untold story about my cats

Hey again! Today I would like to share some story begin with my cat. This is Iqie, named by my favorite singer from Insomniacks. Even though, Iqie was a male name. But this Iqie of mine is female. I started adopt her on July 2019.

This is she now, she is no longer kitten. I adopt her at the time I was moved to a new house. Plus, at the climax of my toxic relationship. Seeing back Iqie's old photo make me realize how long I've been adopting her, also reminding me how far I can go without those people who left me.
More over, Iqie is also a mom of 4 kitten. She giving a birth of 6 kitten, but only 4 of them survive.
This is MooMoo (black and white) and B1 (Black), and below picture is Nano. Another black for the last picture is B2. I am giving B1 and B2 names based on Banana in Pyjamas. Since they twins in black.
Fun fact! only MooMoo is a male kitten and others is female. All the best for myself to survive with my little furry kids. See ya!

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