This is the entry of last year trip. A trip to Jogjakarta. Its my first time trip to oversea without my family. Been there along Kak Alin and Lan.
This rock had a face on it! I don't know what its called.
A stonehenge wannabe in Indonesia, feat my crazy post. We been to Jogjakarta, Indonesia for a week. A week without a rest we travel Jogja. A lots of temple at Jogja.

Gumuk pasir! the first spot that we visit after arrived Jogjakarta. Its basically a beach. BUT IT HAS SAND SKATEBOARD! go try search! 
After that, we visit a flower garden. They have SUNFLOWER! 
For last night in Jogjakarta, we go to night market that not far from our hotel. We ride some neon lighting car. No! I mean a bike with a car body. HAHAHHA. Until nextime see ya!

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