Corona Virus Update

Hello, this entry were type when Malaysia were in pandemic due Corona Virus. Also I would like to make an update to my blog. For you information I really looking forward to this 2020. But It's seems to be our earth are not in a good health. Since March 18, Malaysia started to be in movement order restriction (MOC). Right now, Malaysia MOC when in phrase-4.

Phrase-1 we are not allowed to move everywhere we like. Shopping mall, office etc are been closed. Only restoran, hospital and our frontliners approved to be work.
Phrase-2/3 only 1 of family members allowed to go grocery shopping.
Now on phrase-4, PM announce that we can start working on 4th May 2020. But, Malaysia seems not ready for this. Corona Virus is still here!

I am not blaming anyone, all of us did so well. Everyone entertaining they self when stay at home. I just make an vent. Honestly, I am scared and not ready. I do miss outside, but being inside is OK too. That's all for this entry. Thank you. 

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