The promised neverland

Eyy !! The Promised Neverland will be having a Season 2 on this 2020 !
So we decided to do some cosgroup. Here, together with Yasu as Emma.
Heyy our Norman here! Ai Wish as Norman.
Norman is one of the best boys in this series. I don't want to talk much about this series. You guys should watch it. I really love the idea of this anime.
My bae on this anime :D Ray! He's so cool. I really love when Yuki cos as Ray! I really keep my fangirl over her cosplay. HAHAHAHA
 Our little sisters Ash as Phill. The smallest one here!
If I'm not mistaken, this is her second cosplays. Goodluck in the future! All the best!
Lastly, our Mama <3
Here cosplaying as Mama is Atiqah. She did so well. Wait until you see our tiktok video down below.

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