Jessie TAGCC 2019 Competition

Hey! Its me! Capries Ryn!
Yeah I know, I barely updating this blog. But I have a new website you can visit it later. But here, you can read a story of my life..

So I'm joining TAGCC 2019 Competition on Day 2. Cosplaying as Jessie from Toy Story also a perfect time to brings her at the event due Toy Story 4 airing on the cinema.
Photo by Bie Mohd

Unlucky, I'm not the winner. I was hoping to win RM500 for me to eat. EH.
Well, I'm kinda glad since it was my first solo skit and all the props I made by myself.
But it sure is fun! Here the video of my performance.
Video recorded by Bibi Chan

Photo by Zaheerul

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