Comic Fiesta 2018

It's December! You know what it's means my Weebo friends! 
It's freaking a month which all the Malaysian Otaku / Weebo celebrating the biggest ACG event in Malaysia  like a Hari Raya! HAHAHAH

So the event what I was saying is Comic Fiesta. I am my brother cosplaying as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled for this year.
It's turn out great! 
 Meet all my friends there,
 and one of the best they also campaign on the Comic Fiesta. Yeah!  It's SUBSCRIBE PEWDIEPIE .. hahahahaha 
 Together with my brother friends Aqil and Afir Daniel. 
 And thanks to Airi who is chitchat with me until the end of the day.
 Oh! the hair is freaking long mannnn.. 
 Alright, see ya on the next post! Bye.

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