KaryaOne - Hijab cosplay Sailormoon

Hai semua! beberapa hari lagi dah nak masuk tahun baru! Jangan niat nak kurus lagi ye kawan-kawan..
So, as you can see on the tittle of this entry.. Its KaryaOne.
On 15 December, Uitm Shah Alam held an event called as KaryaOne.
 Its a day before Comic Fiesta 2017. Its was my firstime attending KaryaOne. Its seems attractive and fun so I decide to join it. There is Wig and Make-up slot.. also Hijab Cosplay slot.
 All the cosplayers invited to do a little coswalk with 3 pose on stage. I am glad there is a little girl impressed with my cosplay. Thank you. . I cosplayed Usagi Tsukino from Sailormoon... It was my childhood anime and my very first anime I watched.
And.. this only I can say on this entry... see ya next entry! Bye!

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