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Hello, it's me Capries Ryn. 
I've been missing in action from event since ACE 2017. A lots thing I must deal with. 
 I am missing my cosplay moments, so I decided to ask my brother to be my photographer. Never though he would say yes to it. Hahahahaha.. So on 19 November 2017, we do Rikka Takanashi photoshoot. Together with my mom and my 3 brothers.
and again I never though they will follow me on this, I am so touched honestly... Well, here some picture taken during the day by my brother. 
 Photographer: Alif Isketambola
  Photographer: Alif Isketambola
  Photographer: Alif Isketambola
 Photographer: Alif Isketambola

Brother be a photographer for a day!

21 November 2017
Have you watched Love Live! ? Today post is about our group photo shoot as Love Live! School Idol. We managed to do all 9 main character in Love Live! 
 Thank you for Hawklo Photography and Rising Zilla for be our photographer on that day. We hope to do more with you on the other time! 
 Above picture from the right, Nozomi, Umi, Rin, Hanayo, Honoka, Kotori, Nico, Eli and Maki.
I was cosplaying as Nico Yazawa a 3rd year student. She was my most likely character in Love Live!

 That was for today entry, see ya next time !
Nico nico nii !!!

Love Live! School Idol

10 November 2017

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