Making Harley Quinn Cosplay

How ya going everyone! I will like to talk about my Harley Quinn cosplay. But first will let you know that I am not 100% complete with this Harley Quinn, as you can see here.. no spiky belt, not even take a full body photo because I have no Harley Quinn blue red pants. Hahahaha !

 So if you all wondering how did I color my hijab, here is the answer ... it was food coloring. But!! it will gone after you wash it up. So if you want to do it, do use fabric dye.
 But not on your hand. This is really messy work. Need passion and patient, or else you make them become purple.
Just look what did we doing to our cat. 

For the top, I used a long sleeve white round neck shirt and paint it up with black acrylic for the font and red dye for the red area.

***Note: If you try to use acrylic on the red area, the shirt will be hard. Make sure every time you used acrylic just use a thinness as possible.

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