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Yohohoho !! I would like to thanks Azizi Ext to be as my cosplay partner. Also, Came & Design Photography for use the magic of photography .. hehehe 
But hey, for those who unfamiliar with this character may I introduce this is Aisaka Taiga and Takasu Ryuuji from anime Toradora .
So on C2AGE 2017 I was cosplay as her with Ryuuji. So, Aisaka Taiga has a 'tsundere' personality.. which is similiar to stubborn. So I must not smile. Hahaha..
For more picture do visit this link.

Toradora - My first cosplay partner

20 July 2017
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Design: Me / Character: Aices Skycean

This is my first event that handled by our community, Hijab Cosplay Gallery. All thanks to Otaku Server President, Izameer Shakir fulfill 1 of my wish to make Hijab Cosplay own event.

So I decide to do Pop-art concept, on the first JAPAN OTAKU MATSURI.
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Banner Design / Design & Character: Me

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Tentative Program / Banner Design / Design & Character: Me

"Hire me?
Facebook Page: Krongka Creative
Call: 017-6011 797"

Japan Otaku Matsuri

15 July 2017
 Hey hey! I will like to introduce all of you a new event on Malaysia! Which is not like other event, its called as Cosplay Commuter ! This event organized by The Magic Rain. I am gladly to give a big claps ! They manage an event on THE TRAIN!! It is a big things to do!

Well I cosplaying as Rapunzel from Tangled. Also big thanks to Nuzaru who are helping me with my hijab styling and Saakira does my eyebrow.. 

 I have only few picture on that day.. because of low battery. I regret a lil bit. I need a powerbank *sadreacc* 

(picture from Deckerzx Flame Decker )

Hijab Cosplay Gallery also opening a booth on that day! Thanks whoever support us ! Back to the main topic, I happy to share my opinion, for me the staff and volunteer really friendly. I had a chance to have a chat with their staff and volunteer. 

(Picture taken from The Magic Rain Facebook Page)

Congratulation! Cosplay Commuter !

1st Cosplay Commuter

10 July 2017

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