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Hey!! It's Xmas !! Marry xmas to all who are celebrating it!
Shall we roll on today's entry?? It about Comic Fiesta 2017. This year Comic Fiesta are held on back at KLCC Convention Center. I only attend on day 2 because of work on day 1. 

This year was my brother first cosplay. I ask him to be my cosplay partner in crime .. hahahaha.. We decided to cosplay as Pucca and Garu! Wuhuu!! Yeyy!

 Together with my brother friends, Aqil and Afiq Daniel and also his sister Nurin. No trouble having them with me. Glad they enjoying the event so much.
 Oh look a little cosplayer of Rantaro from Ninja boy!! So cute!!! Really want to know who was him/her :D 
 I am hype for having this two coser !!! I really love their Harley Quinn!!! Really really love it!!
and this twin!!! Ahhh so cute!!! They are so friendly!! I hope to meet them again on other time!! 
That's all from me ! See ya on next entry!! Bye..

Pucca and Garu cosplay in Comic Fiesta 2017

25 December 2017
Hai semua! beberapa hari lagi dah nak masuk tahun baru! Jangan niat nak kurus lagi ye kawan-kawan..
So, as you can see on the tittle of this entry.. Its KaryaOne.
On 15 December, Uitm Shah Alam held an event called as KaryaOne.
 Its a day before Comic Fiesta 2017. Its was my firstime attending KaryaOne. Its seems attractive and fun so I decide to join it. There is Wig and Make-up slot.. also Hijab Cosplay slot.
 All the cosplayers invited to do a little coswalk with 3 pose on stage. I am glad there is a little girl impressed with my cosplay. Thank you. . I cosplayed Usagi Tsukino from Sailormoon... It was my childhood anime and my very first anime I watched.
And.. this only I can say on this entry... see ya next entry! Bye!

KaryaOne - Hijab cosplay Sailormoon

22 December 2017
Hello eveybody! Its me Capries Ryn!
Today I would like to share my experience to be one of them. It's Cosplay Charity! This event were hosted by Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA). This event were held at One City @ USJ.
So I was cosplaying as Sakura Chiyo on that day. Its my first time cosplaying as Sakura Chiyo from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.
 All the crew and cosplayer who is involve on that day was very supporting, not forgetting Daus-kun for helping me to pick me up at LRT...
And thank for Hayashi for sending me this picture on the next day. Really make me glad. Thank you for the memories !

Cosplay Charity

11 December 2017
Hello, it's me Capries Ryn. 
I've been missing in action from event since ACE 2017. A lots thing I must deal with. 
 I am missing my cosplay moments, so I decided to ask my brother to be my photographer. Never though he would say yes to it. Hahahahaha.. So on 19 November 2017, we do Rikka Takanashi photoshoot. Together with my mom and my 3 brothers.
and again I never though they will follow me on this, I am so touched honestly... Well, here some picture taken during the day by my brother. 
 Photographer: Alif Isketambola
  Photographer: Alif Isketambola
  Photographer: Alif Isketambola
 Photographer: Alif Isketambola

Brother be a photographer for a day!

21 November 2017
Have you watched Love Live! ? Today post is about our group photo shoot as Love Live! School Idol. We managed to do all 9 main character in Love Live! 
 Thank you for Hawklo Photography and Rising Zilla for be our photographer on that day. We hope to do more with you on the other time! 
 Above picture from the right, Nozomi, Umi, Rin, Hanayo, Honoka, Kotori, Nico, Eli and Maki.
I was cosplaying as Nico Yazawa a 3rd year student. She was my most likely character in Love Live!

 That was for today entry, see ya next time !
Nico nico nii !!!

Love Live! School Idol

10 November 2017
On day2, Ace 2017 I make a history to myself. With less than 1 month preparation, since I'm only off work on Sunday. Me and Nico Haruna decide to participate Group Competition. Since we planned to cosplay Mimi and Lillymon, so Nico Haruna make a story-line of this skit. 
 (Nico Haruna as Mimi and Me as Lillymon)
Photo by Suliman
Preparation have been made, we do recorded our own voice in Bahasa Melayu. The voice of Mimi is from Nico Haruna while Tanemon, Palmon, Togemon and Lillymon by me. It was so much fun recording since we have to make our voice suit the character.

For the short of the story, I will make another entry for showing my progress on this. If you wishing to see our performance CLICK HERE or keep reading until the end of this entry.

5.00 P.M it is time to announce the winner of the competition. Group by group's name has been on stage for they prize. Second runner up and First runner up has been chosen... Me and Nico Haruna shocked. I personally didn't expect of winning this competition... since there were experienced competitors.
That all from me for this entry and here the video of our skit recorded by 龍隼 . I am really glad someone recorded it. Thank you..

We are the Champion!

05 October 2017
I can say, that every week have an event. My body was tired, but my passion keep support. So here a simple story about AniFest 2017 which is on yesterday, 27 August 2017. 

The special things is... Japan Otaku Matsuri (JOM) partner with AniFest!! Woohooo!!!  
Picture by Mirii Riey
We do have opened JOM booth, with some merch and Live Commission. Plus, JOM also got a slot on AniFest Day3. JOM slots light up the stage starting on 1.30 p.m - 4.30pm with singing performance, dance performance and cosplay coswalk. 

Talking about cosplay coswalk, let's take a look the winner of cosplay coswalk shall we? 
Third Place
Second Place
First Place

Its was my first time to be a judge for Cosplay Coswalk as a member from Hijab Cosplay Gallery with me, Izameer from Otaku Server and other from Animas team.
  Picture by John Gullidge

Anifest 2017

28 August 2017
This is the most fun to make cosplay that I ever make for now. Why? I manage to do her 'God Arc' yey! Even tho it was not 100% perfect and I bet I can do better now, but it was amazing experience.  After 1 year + buzy with collage life for making this cosplay, I finally wear it on Comic Fiesta 2016. 

 Picture take on Cosplay Festival 2017.
Photo by Victor Photography.

Alisa Illinichina Amiella was a character from game called 'God Eater'.
Photo reference.

Hijab Cosplay Alisa Illinichina Amiella

05 August 2017
What is the most comfortable cosplay did I have? I would say it was my Haruno Sakura cosplay. This is my first try sew cosplay with cotton fabric material. My first debut as Sakura Haruno was at C2AGE Day2 2015. At that time my ninja headband didn't delivery on the time it suppose to delivered. So I decide to make a red ribbon just like Ino give it to Sakura when they was a child.
So here some photo-shoot of Sakura Haruno cosplay. 
 Photo by Ryou / Edited by me
  Photo by Ryou / Edited by me
  Photo by Ryou / Edited by me
 Photo by Ryou / Edited by me

Hijab Cosplay Sakura Haruno

Hello, today entry I will like to share my Rapunzel cosplay tutorial. Basically, for the skirt pattern part. 

Items that you will need:
1. Gold Acrylic (or other paint which is suitable for fabric)
2. Dark Purple Acrylic (or other paint which is suitable for fabric)
3. PVC Rigid Sheet

Step 1: Draw all pattern in PVC rigid sheet.  Then, cut the inside shape out.

Step 2: Planning the pattern base on Rapunzel skirt reference. Next, paint it up.
This step need to be patient, do it one by one after the previous pattern is dried. Or else, your pattern will be ruin. 
Tips: Do paint it as light as you can. Because once it dried, the acrylic will be hard.

Rapunzel Skirt Pattern Tutorial

04 August 2017
How ya going everyone! I will like to talk about my Harley Quinn cosplay. But first will let you know that I am not 100% complete with this Harley Quinn, as you can see here.. no spiky belt, not even take a full body photo because I have no Harley Quinn blue red pants. Hahahaha !

 So if you all wondering how did I color my hijab, here is the answer ... it was food coloring. But!! it will gone after you wash it up. So if you want to do it, do use fabric dye.
 But not on your hand. This is really messy work. Need passion and patient, or else you make them become purple.
Just look what did we doing to our cat. 

For the top, I used a long sleeve white round neck shirt and paint it up with black acrylic for the font and red dye for the red area.

***Note: If you try to use acrylic on the red area, the shirt will be hard. Make sure every time you used acrylic just use a thinness as possible.

Making Harley Quinn Cosplay

02 August 2017
Yohohoho !! I would like to thanks Azizi Ext to be as my cosplay partner. Also, Came & Design Photography for use the magic of photography .. hehehe 
But hey, for those who unfamiliar with this character may I introduce this is Aisaka Taiga and Takasu Ryuuji from anime Toradora .
So on C2AGE 2017 I was cosplay as her with Ryuuji. So, Aisaka Taiga has a 'tsundere' personality.. which is similiar to stubborn. So I must not smile. Hahaha..
For more picture do visit this link.

Toradora - My first cosplay partner

20 July 2017
Image may contain: text
Design: Me / Character: Aices Skycean

This is my first event that handled by our community, Hijab Cosplay Gallery. All thanks to Otaku Server President, Izameer Shakir fulfill 1 of my wish to make Hijab Cosplay own event.

So I decide to do Pop-art concept, on the first JAPAN OTAKU MATSURI.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text
Banner Design / Design & Character: Me

Image may contain: 1 person
Tentative Program / Banner Design / Design & Character: Me

"Hire me?
Facebook Page: Krongka Creative
Call: 017-6011 797"

Japan Otaku Matsuri

15 July 2017

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