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Comic Fiesta 2016
21 December 2016 | 5:46 PM | 0comments

Comic Fiesta 2016 held on PWTC which is near to my house !! If compared to KLCC and The Mines ofcourse! And it's easier for me! Together with my schoolmates Aslina, Zul and Syafiq. Meet Nik my facebook friend at Rawang station.

The best part of Day1 of Comic Fiesta is to meet Mechii and Vie *scream* ! They was my best facebook friends! Love they art soooooo much! We talk just like no full stop in the ends of our sentences. Hehehe..

On day 2, with a year of planning.. here The Powerpuff Girls! Izumi as Bubble and together with Daisy as Buttercup. Oh! free ticket for us too!! Thanks to a family of stranger .. huhu

Please don't change the Comic Fiesta location on 2017. 

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