My First Achievement on 2016


stop goes insane Ryn! and all those CAPSLOCK.. 

Well, here is another story about a young girl life name Ryn. Hahaha.. No jokes, I feels so much nervous for counting to be on this day! All this stuff keeps come on my nightmare!  

Starting from 7.30 a.m, I cycle to P.S.SAMY office as promised. Waiting for bus to come and pick me up to go to P.S.SAMY office at Kuala Kubu Bharu. Arrived there blablabla to short up the story, I start my JPJ test. Begins with RPK. I greets them with 90 degree bow. hahahaha.. That JPJ member saying "Wow macam Jepun" thats means I do it like a Japanese. Yeah you know when Japanese greets other with a big bow.

I GOT -4 MARKS FOR MY RSM TEST! arrghhh so irritating! Why do I not remember all those symbol! I got down. I feels want to crying. Some sister come cheers me up! Thanks.

All to track test! The most worried test has come! I never passed parking's section! with my -4 marks on RSM I be more worried! But hey! I passed all track's test with no bother me. Alhamdulillah. Eh! something do bother me from the beginning of the day! My teeth gum hurts back!

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