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Hey It's Cosplay again. Hehehe.
Well, shall we throwback from MGACE event which is held on 15 & 16 October 2016.

 Photo by Saakira Photography

I manage to join D'Ace Competition with Izumi Cosplayer. Me as SeeU Hanbok Vocaloid, while she as Kasane Teto Utaloid.
Here a full video of our performance by æ¥“Cosplay Productions

  Photo by Saakira Photography

Had a fun experience dancing in front lots of people. Hehehe...
Well see ya peeps soon!

 Photo by Saakira Photography

SeeU Hanbok

25 November 2016
 Yeayy!! All buzy stuff will be ended! 11 November I will end my industry training!! Banzai!
Here something I want to tell you guys!
Last weekend there is some event called as Cosmart, held on Sunway Putra!
Day 1 I am going as Sakura Haruno! and I met Zahin and Izzat which as Sasuke and Naruto.. !! Really love it <3
 Some HCG girls are here too!!
Photo by: Miyarin

Awesome Zen! on day 2 !! I just got your messagie~ ngee!!

 The great cos grouping Mystic Messanger! Thanks a lot Yuki, Danny, Ariffah, Von, Nea, Zahin, Nuzaru, Aya and other!! You guys really rock!
Photo by: Danny
 This is so enjoyable moments!
Photo by: Danny
Hopping to do good stuff like this again!

 A VIP Card from Danny to MM group! Thanks!! I love it! and Yoosung key-chain I manage to buy on Cosmart Day2!
Oh! and I also enter competition with Nuzaru !!

Cosmart 2016

02 November 2016

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